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Welcoming the Ambassador, the A-G said currently the legal and Judiciary sectors were undergoing reforms which was an initiative of President Mahama. She said under the reforms consultants had been hired to come up with standard Operating System, a Change Management programme and a training programme.


A Programme Management Unit (PMU) had been established to manage the process and that the reforms were being financed by the UNDP. The UNDP, the Minister noted, would create a basket fund were donor agencies may want to contribute towards the reforms. The reforms, she explained, sought to create a synergy between the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice, the Police, Prisons Service and the Ministry of Interior.


Ambassador Robert Jackson acknowledged the initiative and noted the U.S. government’s interest in curbing the incidence of human trafficking in Ghana. He indicated his countries preparedness in funding training to improve prosecutor’s skills when dealing with such cases. He further urged the Attorney – General to designate a lead prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice for training in each region.


Ambassador Jackson congratulated the A-G on the investigations conducted on the Ministry of Health’s Central Medical Stores which was razed by fire. He described the matter as a very complicated one and said it was important that the step was taken.


The U.S. envoy also complained about the undue delay in trying some Ghanaian suspects accused of killing American citizens in the Eastern Region. He said the matter had attracted a lot of attention in the U.S.


To this, the A-G agreed but explained that some other issues had come up which were under consideration, hence, the delay in the trial.


Ambassador Robert Porter Jackson has practiced as a diplomat in Cameroon, Morocco and Senegal. Mr. Jackson has also served as Director of the Office for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy; Coordinator of the Entry-Level Officer Training Program; and Country Officer for Botswana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. His other overseas postings include Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire and Zimbabwe.


Ebenezer Owusu-Ansah (Information Officer)