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At a news conference held yesterday in Accra on the outbreak of the avian influenza, the Minister said the disease posed threats to the poultry sector which recently had witnessed growing demand.


According to the Minister, although experts have moved swiftly to contain the outbreak and mitigate its further spread, some measures like Isolation of Identified infected farms, destruction of all poultry, eggs, feed and other materials on infected farms, disinfection of infected farms and the screening of all poultry workers for symptoms of the avian influenza.


He was of the view that although the disease mainly posed a threat to the poultry sector, it was important to screen people who were in contact with the infected birds as well, as it was a viral disease which was transferrable.


Hon. Kwetey said notwithstanding the fact that only four Poultry farms had been detected with the virus, government had placed a ban on importation of poultry from infected neighbouring countries and had appealed to all poultry farmers and the general public to support government’s response effort by reporting any instances of sick poultry or unusual mortality to the veterinary services.


He called on the media to help create awareness about the disease to make people cautious on the outbreak and the preventive measures to take. He also cautioned them against visiting quarantined areas and rather seek information from the Ministry or veterinary officers in charge of the case. Hon. Kwetey gave the assurance that Ghanaians could still enjoy their poultry meat without any health risks so far as it was well cooked.


Source: (Chantal Aidoo & Naa Palm)