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The Volta Regional Office of the Information Services Department (ISD), under the auspices of the Volta Regional Management Team of the Ghana Census of Agriculture, has embarked on a campaign to sensitize the public on the forth-coming Ghana Census of Agriculture exercise.


Five cinema vans have been deployed to carry-out the campaign in all twenty-five districts of the Region.


Mr Felix Chaahaah, Chief Director of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council, who is also the Chairman of the Volta Regional Management Team for the Ghana Census of Agriculture, announced this at a press briefing in Ho.


Mr Chaahaah said the ISD campaign team, made up of a Commentator, a Mobile Cinema Operator and Municipal/District Information Officers would be educating the public about the exercise on community radio stations and at public gatherings such as market places, churches and mosques.


In addition, he said, jingles on the census would be distributed to the radio stations to be aired for the attention of the public.


He entreated all persons and Institutions to avail themselves and provide data upon request and expressed the hope that the media would use their platforms to partner the census implementation bodies to reach out to the various communities on the national exercise, which is on-going simultaneously in all the 25 districts in the region.


Meanwhile, another team of field officers, which include field supervisors, interviewers, monitors from Ghana Statistical Service and Ministry of Food and Agriculture as well as members of the Census Steering Committee and GSS governing body and independent monitors from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), are currently on the field collecting data for the exercise.


The Ghana Census of Agriculture is targeting both citizens and non-citizens who are involved in agricultural activities. They would be called upon to respond to questions that will help identify agricultural holders and institutions in the country.


The main objective of the Census of Agriculture is to provide accurate and reliable information on agricultural activities in the country and make the result available to policy makers and other users to facilitate planning and research.


The Volta Regional Management Team for the Census of Agriculture, is made up of the Chief Director, the Regional Director of Agriculture, the Regional Information Officer and the Regional Statistician.


Source: ISD (Yvonne Elikplim Harlley-Kanyi)