About ISD

The Information Services Department (ISD) is the principal Public Relations outfit of the Government both home and abroad. It was established as a small unit during the 1939-1945 war to provide information on the progress of the war.  
The Department is represented in all the ten (10) Regions and currently has 191 district offices.  ISD is headed by a Director who is assisted by five Divisional heads who also supervise various Sections and Units.

Establish a responsive two-way channel of communication between the government and the people to proactively and readily assist the government’s investment promotion and developmental programmes towards good governance.


Creation of awareness of government policies, programmes and activities, promoting Ghana’s international marketing agenda, providing public relations support to other Ministries, Departments and Agencies and submitting feedback reports from the public to government.


The following are ISD’s core functions:
• Dissemination of information on government policies, programmes and activities
• Collation and assessment of public reaction to government policies
• Provision of Public Relations support to the Presidency and MDAs
• Keeping Ghanaians abroad abreast of developments in the country   

The Information Services Department is divided into five Divisions namely; Administration, Marketing, Operations, Publishing and Public Relations Coordination. These Divisions help the Department carry out its functions.
The Information Services Department provides numerous services, including provision of print media, such as posters, leaflets, magazines among others.  It provides press coverage for all state functions and MDAs. The Department also has a 120-seater conference hall facility which is used for both official and commercial purposes and mounts photo exhibitions for government and other organisations. The Department also produces documentaries and provides video coverage of major events for news and archival purposes. Events covered are posted onto the Government of Ghana portal (www.ghana.gov.gh).

The Department also provides Public Address Systems for events and undertakes street announcements.







Coordinates the activities of other


Promotions/Recruitment, Estates, Budget/ Planning, Accounts, Library, Transport, Training and Supply


PR Co-ordination

 Provides PR support for Ministries Departments and Agencies

Media Liason, Foreign Desk, PR Coordination Secretariat



Uses local, regional and international events to market Ghana

Markets the services and products of the Department to both public and private clients

Sales Outlets, Circulation office and Business/Client service.



Coordinates, supervises and monitors activities of Regional & District offices

Regional & District Coordination, Cinema & Exhibitions & Films



Responsible for information  dissemination  through  print and electronic media

Editorial/Features, Photos, Printing, Design, Research & IT

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