West Akim Municipality Marked the Fourth National Sanitation Day(E/R)

The Fourth segment of the National Sanitation Day has been marked with a low turn-out in Asamankese in the West Akim municipality in the Eastern Region.

Though the Information Services Department (ISD) in collaboration with the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) had mounted a week-long intensive publicity within the municipality about the essence of the exercise yet, patronage had been low on the day of the exercise.

As early as 6:00 am, the West Akim Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. George Mensah Akpalu, had led the Municipal National Sanitation Planning Committee, to the Asamankese Central Market which was demarcated to stage the exercise.

While the Committee was desilting choked gutters, sweeping the market, and the main Lorry Station, the general public was busily attending to their businesses. 

It took the Planning Committee Members to coax some of the traders to join the exercise.

Among the security agencies, the Fire Service fully participated in the exercise, but the Police, and other security agencies hardly showed up, let alone, making their presence felt to have courted the general public to have participated in the exercise. 

However, the Municipal Police Commander of Ghana Police Service was present.

In an interview with the West Akim Municipal Division of the Information Services Department, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. George Akpalu, bemoaned what he described as the low patronage of the exercise. 

He urged the general public to see the exercise as a national concern for all, but not to politicise it. 

According to him, filth bred Cholera, adding that, “Cholera is no respecter of persons, and as such it behoves everybody to inculcate the spirit of environmental cleanliness in whatever they do.

He said though the patronage was low yet a few that participated in the exercise had worked very hard and worthy of commendation.

Touching on the future exercise slated for the following month-March, Hon. Akpalu urged everybody to participate in the exercise to make the environment clean to avoid health hazards.

While the exercise was on-going some of the inhabitants passed comments such as “It is NDC’s work, so they must go and do it”

Such comments courted the displeasure of other inhabitants, who reacted and said filth was a concern for all, which they said must not be politicised.


Source: ISD(Tom Aquinas Sambah)

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