EU Delegation Meets Ministry on Decentralisation

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has briefed a delegation from the European Union (EU) and IMCC on the progress of work of Education Decentralisation.



The aim of the meeting was for the Ministry to update the EU on work done for EU to support the decentrealisation programme.


The Hon. Deputy Minister in Charge of Tertiary, Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, told the EU Group that the work would be sent to Cabinet by the last quarter of the year to be forwarded to Parliament.


He said a Legislative Instrument (LI) would have to be developed on the Act for full implementation and this he said the Ministry had started. He reiterated Government’s preparedness to work on the education decentralization.


The Director in charge of Statistics, Research, Information and Monitoring (SRIM), Mr. Divine Ayidzoe, welcoming the group, explained that the decentarlisation process started in May, 2010 with support from USAID.


He said the Ministry set advisory committees at the local and national level to inform prudent implementation of the project.


Retreats were also organized for the leadership of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to educate them about the programme.


Since then, various sensitization programmes have been arranged for non-governmental organisations, and the GES Council. Also, there have been meetings of stakeholders at the regional level to drum home decentarlisation in education mandate.


The decentralization Act has been given to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education and it would be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Department, then to Cabinet before it goes to Parliament for it to be passed into a Bill.


The Acting Director General of the GES, Mr. Jacob Kor, said the only challenge was agitations at the grass root, even though there has been no resistance, concerns have been raised by GES staff on the migration from the GES payroll onto the Local Government payroll.


The EU Group was happy with work done so far and advised the Ministry to have a targeted deadline in order to speed up the decentralization process.

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