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Joy FM Ghana Television Graphic Online
Peace FM TV3 The Statesman
Web Radio TV Africa The spectator
Citi FM Crystal TV Accra Daily Mail
Hot FM Metro TV Daily Guide
Vibe FM e.tv Ghana The Ghanaian Chronicle
Radio Gold Multi Tv The Ghanaian Times
XYZ FM Christian Entertainment TV The Lens
Sunny FM Skyy TV Network Herald
Asempa FM NET 2 Television National Democrat
Sweet Medolies Viasat_1 The Lens
X FM TOP TV Public Agenda
Uniiq FM GH One The Heritage
Obonu FM UTv, Ghana Ghana Palaver
Happy FM   Gye Nyame Concord
Okay FM   The Insight
Choice FM   Ghanaian Voice
Top RADIO   Ghanaian Observer
Radio Hitz   Ashanti Pioneer
Adom FM   All Sports
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    Kotoko Express
    The Phobian
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