Aduna gears up to create a global market for Ghanaian Baobab fruit

Aduna, an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business is seeking to create a global market for the Ghanaian baobab fruit, mainly found in the Northern/ Upper East/West Regions.



The Baobab bulbs, a nutrient-dense fruit are entirely community-owned and wild-harvested. There are 8,000 communities in Northern Ghana alone that can supply baobab fruit from a crop that is so abundant.


The mission of Aduna is to create demand for natural products from small-scale producers in Africa starting with baobab. Aduna has pioneered a new model for development in rural Africa. Recognising the failure of the traditional aid model where donor-funds are invested in cash-crop “development projects” that ultimately fail due to lack of demand. Aduna focuses on creating a market for existing indigenous species that already grow in abundance. The company invests heavily in marketing to build demand for Africa’s under-utilised natural products then directs that demand to rural producers via its pro-poor supply chain.


A press release made available to the ISD quoted Aduna Co-Founder & MD Andrew Hunt as saying: “Aduna is already sourcing baobab from 1,100 women in the Upper East, with average annual income increasing from just GH¢ 50 to GH¢ 600 – this is transformative. We need Ghanaians to take 10 seconds to vote for us so we can get Richard Branson’s backing to Make Baobab Famous and radically scale-up our work in Ghana.”


To this end, the company has beaten 2,500 companies to reach the Final 10 of Virgin’s “Pitch to Rich” competition, and needs Ghanaians’ votes to win a GH¢1.5m marketing campaign, which they will use to Make Baobab Famous and create sustainable livelihoods for 800,000 households in Northern Ghana.

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Source: ISD




Created: 11 June 2015
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