Stakeholders in the manufacturing industries have called for a ban on plastics that are between 20 to 30 microns and below as they do more harm than good to the country.

At a meeting in Accra, yesterday, to discuss a report by the Committee for the Proposed Banning of Plastics in Ghana, the stakeholders agreed that plastic waste management could be done best if a ban was placed on plastics.


The Minister for Environment, Science and Technology (MEST), Mr Mahama Ayariga, who addressed the meeting, noted that it had become necessary to place a partial ban on plastics to ensure that there was total sanitation in the country and to avoid the recurrence of the June 3rd disaster that took many lives.


Mr Ayariga indicated that MEST and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would sit with the manufacturers of plastic bottle products to scale up the model as the current model has been difficult to dispose off.


According to the Minister, all recommendations made by the Committee would be reviewed and implemented depending on the technology available in the country, adding that the EPA would make the announcement within two weeks.


Mr Ayariga appealed to all plastic manufacturers to give out a margin of their income to aid the setting up of a recycle fund that would help promote plastic waste management and urged the media to rally behind the initiative by educating and mobilising the citizenry so they segregate their waste to make recycling easier.


Per the report, it is recommended that Community Sanitation Tribunals should be established to enforce sanitation at the community level, the capacity of recycling plants in the country upgraded and public-private investment in the recycling of waste encouraged.


It also called for the establishment of plastic waste collection points in all communities, districts and constituencies, introduction of re-usable environmentally-friendly plastic products, introduction of biodegradable products and the recruitment of about 10,000 strong Eco Guards under the Eco Brigade.


Source: ISD (Chantal Aidoo & Naa Oboshie Palm)

Created: 17 July 2015
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