To raise awareness on the importance of investing in youth skills development, the United Nations General Assembly has declared the 15th day of July 2015 as World Youth Skills Day.

The Day, which was observed around the globe, had ‘Youth skills for life and work in the post-2015 Agenda’ as its theme.


In a statement issued to commemorate the Day in Ghana, Mr Sebastian Deh, Executive Director of the Council for Technical Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), urged the youth, especially Technical and Vocational Education students and apprentices, as well as master craft persons involved in the delivery of skills training, to upgrade their skills for increased productivity and a better future.


Mr Dei also called on the general public to support government’s efforts to rebrand Technical and Vocational Training and Education (TVET) and present it as an occupation of choice and not a last resort for our youth.


The statement noted that the Government of Ghana, through COTVET, continued to renew its commitment to enhancing the quality of skills development within our labour force and had consequently demonstrated this through some notable interventions.


These interventions— which are being spearheaded by COTVET under the Development of Skills for Industry Project (DSIP)— the statement said, included government’s agenda to rebrand TVET and make it more attractive and relevant to the youth, adding that this was being pursued on two fronts, namely the provision of modern infrastructure in Technical Institutes and Capacity Building for TVET instructors and co-ordinating agencies like COTVET.


Under infrastructural support, the statement said, a substantial amount of money was being invested in constructing TVET Centres of Excellence in 13 institutions across the country.


The statement said Sscholarships had also been awarded to faculty members in selected TVET institutions to upgrade their capacity to enhance the quality of instruction and that through the DSIP and the Female in Electronics Project, COTVET was spearheading access to expansion of the needy youth, especially girls to TVET.


Under both interventions, the statement added, over 4,100 students and apprentices were benefitting from a bursary scheme which is providing scholarships and stipends to enable them train in various science related TVET programmes nationwide.


According to the statement, as part of government’s efforts to provide the youth, especially early school leavers with the opportunity to acquire skills in key trade areas leading to employment and improvement in their livelihoods, COTVET, with the support of the GETFUND, had supported over 5,000 school leavers from 70 districts to undergo apprenticeship training under the National Apprenticeship Programme.


Furthermore, the statement said, COTVET, through the Skills Development Fund (SDF), had also provided capacity building and technology development grants worth over US$ 45 Million to 617 companies and institutions in the private and public sectors of Ghana including TVET training institutes to acquire modern skills training facilities and innovative technologies in order to enhance the quality of skills training and its relevance.


Source: ISD (G.D. Zaney)

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