Ghana's unprecedented increase in the appointment of qualified women to high profile positions is an attestation of the government's resolve to meet targets for equal gender representation.

Ambassador Martha Ama Pobee, Ghana's Permanent Representative to the United Nations said this in a statement at the UN Headquarters in New York yesterday during the General Discussion of the Third Committee on Agenda Item 29 on the Advancement of Women.

For a start, she noted that the government launched the National Gender Policy to mainstream gender equality concerns into the national development process to ensure that women fully participate in decision making and governance.

In the area of education for example, Ambassador Pobee said there had been appreciable enrolment rates for girls at all levels.

In addition, Ghana government has launched a national campaign on Child, Early and Forced Marriages in order to abolish the practice and allow girls to remain in school.

To address harmful social and cultural practices which perpetuate subjugation and violence against women, Ghana has undertaken legislative interventions including the amendment of the Intestate Succession Law and the introduction of a Property Rights of Spouse Bill, which are currently before Parliament.

Furthermore, the National and Regional Houses of Chiefs have begun the process of fully integrating queen mothers into both houses, a development that marks a significant step in strengthening the role of queen mothers.

Arguing against the exclusion of women and keeping them in the margins of life, she noted that "providing education, health care, access to decent work and representation in political and economic decision-making process will fuel sustainable economies for the benefit of societies and humanity at large".

In this vein, the Representative acknowledged that "Ghana has made significant strides in the advancement of women and is committed to gender equality in virtually every facet of national life.

"We welcome the declaration by the Assembly of the African Union for declaring this year, as the year of Women's Empowerment and Development and are committed to partnerships at the national, regional and International levels," she added.

While pledging Ghana's commitment to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ambassador Pobee urged member states of the UN and the international partners to rededicate to ensure an equitable society in which women and girls are free to pursue and attain their full potentials without any hindrance.

Source: ISD (R. Harry Reynolds, New York)

Created: 15 October 2015
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