A new book which seeks to provide an insight into mortgages in Ghana has been launched at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in Accra. 


The book, titled “The Law of Mortgages in Ghana”, was authored by Mr Godwin Dzokoto a law lecturer at the Ghana Law School.


The 10-chapter book, according to Mr Dzokoto, is a "pet subject" he had taught for many years and that the issue of mortgage had become important because "nonperforming loans in Ghana were on the ascendency."


He said the book sought to fill the void on the legal landscape due to the absence of a book solely focused on discussions on mortgages.


He also noted the subject of mortgage had often been dominated by English cases and that his book sought to furnish readers with a number of Ghanaian cases on the subject.


In a statement, the chairman of the occasion, Justice Suleman Gbadegbe, a Justice of the Supreme Court, noted that the book would serve as a ready source of reference in the legal profession.


He commended the author for using simple diction which made the book user-friendly.


A copy of the book was auctioned for GHC5, 000.


Source: ISD (Abu Mubarik)