Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira Holds Second ordinary General assembly Meeting

Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies are expected by law to hold general meetings at least 3 times a year to evaluate, reflect and project for the MMDA and also approve their budget.

The meetings always involve the assembly members (government appointees) and heads of department within the district.

The main focus on this 2nd General Meeting of Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District Assembly was the consideration of the composite budget for the assembly.  The Assembly members initially insisted not to approve the composite budget on the grounds that their unpaid allowances especially, the sub-committees must be settled first.  However, upon the pleadings of the District Co-ordinating Director the members agreed to approve the budget.

Another critical issue that popped-up during the approval was the non-involvement of the Finance and Administration Sub Committee in the drafting of the budget statement and its consequence defence at Twifo Praso.  In view of that, members argued that if the budget had already been defended, then it would be a wasted effort in discussing the composite budget. Again the diplomatic qualities of the Director and the Member Presiding were at play they spoke with the Honorable members and assuring them the omission would not be repeated. Consequently the members accepted and the composite budget was approved.   

On the issue of fees fixing, some members were not happy about how the new rates were arrived at without the sub-committee and Honourable members’ involvement in the deliberations leading to the fee fixing.

However, on the way forward for the district, some members touched on the development of the tourist sites at Ampenkro, road network and how to improve upon the collection of revenue for the district.  Establishment of district court, as well as birth and death registry were suggested as a means of raising revenue for the district.  Others also commented on the short time frame for invitation for meetings and called for longer time frame  in order to allow members to prepare well for meetings.  

Source: ISD (Matilda Ansah)


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