The Central Regional Director of Ghana Education Service (GES), Mr. Jacob A. M.  Korh has urged head teachers in the region to report at school by 7:30am.


Mr Korh said this when he was met head teachers from basic schools in the Twifo Atti Morkwa District at the district capital at Twifo Praso.  The purpose of the meeting was to interact with head teachers and also to advise them. The director who came late apologized and thanked the teachers for their patience in waiting for him. He urged them to extend their patience to their pupils. He added that by 8:00 the children should be at assembly and lessons should start at 8: 30 am. He talked about the level of humility that existed between the Director of Education and the Paramount Chief of Twifo Traditional Area who was also the Welfare Officer of education and encouraged the teachers to also learn from him.

He emphasized that teachers would be criticized more than other professions so they should do good things for people to talk about.  He called the Head teacher from Eduabeng Robert Agyemang Nyantekyi and congratulated him personally and promised to recommend him to the higher authorities for the good performance.  He told them to do the right thing, such as going to school early, and preparing their lesson notes so that if they saw their subordinates doing wrong they could correct them. He added that, “we are all striving for perfection hence if someone corrects them they should not take them for granted.”  He criticized teachers who used students in child labour and urged them not to exploit their students.

In her welcome address, the District Director, Madam Eyonam Afi Amafuga said, for the first time the district recorded no zero percent (0%) in the just ended Basic Certificate Examination.  But she stressed that, “they should make sure to sustain the new level and even improve on it.”

Addressing the gathering the District Chief Executive Mr. Bossman Osei Hyiamang Junior said education had been bedrock to all individuals.  He had therefore played a critical role in trying to uplift the level of education in the district.  He was happy to hear that the zero percent had been removed from the district.  He praised the Mr. Robert Agyemang Nyantekyi the headteacher of Eduabeng and recommended him to the regional director.  He stressed on the issue of punctuality.  He added that as professional teachers they should try and do away with party politics in their activities.

Source: ISD (Matilda Ansah)



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