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Several benefits result from employing consensus-building processes to address myriad of challenges in life. Collaboration towards consensus building is a sure way of having quality solutions to challenges. The clarion call for consensus building in development planning that cut across party lines has become important especially as a long term sustainable transformational development strategy.

Unfortunately, the nature of democracy sometimes creates suspicion when consensus building is being initiated. In spite of this challenge, it is no gain saying that consensus building remains critical to the enterprise of nation building that can stand the test of time.

In May this year a National Economic Forum was held at Senchi in the Eastern Region to promote dialogue towards achieving consensus on the policies, strategies and measures that are required to accelerate sustainable path of development for the Nation. The forum brought together a wide range of stakeholders to promote dialogue in order to develop national consensus on some of the critical economic policy issues confronting the Country. As a follow up to this Forum, His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur recently inaugurated a Post Senchi Implementation Advisory Group(IAG) at the National Development Planning Commission with the responsibility of guiding the implementation of the recommendations of the Forum.

The objectives of the Implementation Advisory Group are to establish a co-ordinated implementation and monitoring arrangements for effective implementation of the Senchi recommendations and systematic reporting on progress. The successful implementation of the Senchi consensus will go a long way to usher a new era of stable, shared and sustainable growth if it is supported by a nationalist commitment by all.

It is important to note that, such national visions and nationalistic approaches to national development are indispensable components for national development not only in contemporary Africa but also beyond the frontiers of Africa. Countries such as China, Singapore and Sri Lanka are said to have attained commendable development partly due to well articulated and effectively implemented national visions. Political parties in Ghana would therefore, do the Nation a great service by always considering national aspirations first in discussing matters that bother on sustainable national development

It is worthy of mentioning, that during the national stakeholder’s conference on the recommendations of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), many Ghanaians indicated the urgent need to mobilise and rally the nation behind a nationally owned and shared vision of national development by creating the opportunity for the broad spectrum of Ghanaians to articulate, define and support a long term national development agenda.

With the commencement of work by the Senchi Implementation Advisory Group another giant step has been taken towards ensuring the implementation of national visions as recommended by a wide spectrum of people in Ghana. The responsibility lies on all well- meaning Ghanaians to support such development efforts that cut across party lines to ensure long term solutions the Ghana’s economic challenges, for that is the only way of ensuring the achievement of the long-held goal of the founding fathers of the country, which is a free, just and prosperous society where all citizens enjoy a decent way of living.