The Acting Director of the Information Services Department (ISD), Francis Kwarteng Arthur has called on staff of the Department to step up their efforts to remain relevant to the needs and aspirations of the government. This he said would make ISD regain its past glory as the main publicity arm of government.



He acknowledged the potential of ISD in shaping the future of the country adding that the Department has been kept alive by commitments that exemplify passion and purpose.


The staff meeting was organized by the Department to introduce the new Acting Director, Mr. Francis Kwarteng Arthur to the staff of ISD following his appointment by H.E. President, John Dramani Mahama.


The new Acting Director indicated that “Success is not a destination but rather a journey. The path changes consistently so we cannot remain in one place. What is said to be a success today may not be seen or described as such next week or next year, hence, we have to continue to benchmark and challenge ourselves to be just good everyday;  there is no resting on our laurels” he added.


Mr Kwarteng Arthur called on the other Directors to join in his resolution to transform the Department.


He stressed the need for high quality work, innovative and creative thinking, value based education, responsible work ethics as goals to support the development and restructure agenda of ISD.


Emphasising on what was termed the ‘4Es’, Mr. Arthur said that Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economy and Equity are critical to the work of the Department and urged staff to join in the crafting of a success story ahead, adding that ‘ISD is destined to be a crown jewel in the modern landscape of the country.

Source: ISD (Naa Korkoi Essah)