The Krobo land is a Major Transportation Corridor

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said the Krobo land has the potential of developing into a major transportation corridor, linking the sea port of Tema to Upper East, Upper West, Northern Region and the land lock neighbours through the Volta Lake.


The President said government had started earnestly and progressing steadily on the Tema-Akosombo railway line which would result in a containised port, from which, shipping would be via the Volta Lake and “then by rail to Burkina Faso and beyond. These projects have the potential of creating jobs and wealth for the people of Krobo.”


President Akufo-Addo, who made the point when he joined the chiefs and people of Manya Krobo to celebrate this year's week long Ngmayem festival, added that to ensure the success of government's ambitious programmes, “we must secure the peace, orderly conduct and unity of all parts of our country”.


The period is one of gratitude and thanksgiving, when the Krobo people acknowledge God’s providence in the previous years and supplicate for his continuous bounty and protection in the coming years.


He asserted that economic gains could only be realised from the projects government intended to implement when there was total security in the Krobo land and “when Chiefs put aside their differences to provide leadership.”


“Manya Krobo has had its fair share of disputes, with some still unresolved, and I suggest it is time we brought them, and indeed all other disputes across the country, to an end.”


President Akufo- Addo reiterated government’s commitment to ensuring that the rule of law works without fear or favour.


He urged the law enforcement agencies to ensure at all times the supremacy of the law for the cohesion, peace and security of Ghana to consolidate of the gains of its democracy.


Thus, they should ensure that everyone in Ghana respects the law, by enforcing it (law) without fear or favour, without recourse to the political, religious or ethnic consideration, for justice and equity to prevail in the nation.


Planting for Food and Jobs


President Akufo Addo asserted that government as part of his flagship program “Planting for Food and Jobs” 227 hectors of land was cultivated in the major season and 179 hectors of land in the minor season in Manya Krobo.


He said the program has ensured the provision of improved seeds, dedicated extension officers, marketing strategies, provision of subsidised fertilizers and the use of e-agriculture.


In anticipation of bumper harvest, President Akufo-Addo said the National Buffer Stock Company Limited has been resourced to provide real market for farm produce.


According to the President, it is to ensure that farmers are paid minimum guarantee price to make farming a viable venture.


Farming, President Akufo-Addo asserted, is a major business venture and as government, “we will commit huge resources to improving it” adding that agriculture remains the fuel that powers all our activities in Ghana, "we ignore it at our own risk,” the President said.


Source: ISD (Rex Mainoo Yeboah)