A retreat for Management staff and Regional Information Officers of the Information Services Department (ISD) has taken place in Accra. 


Delivering the keynote address at the one-day event on Saturday, the Minister for Information, Mr Mustapha Abdul- Hamid, described ISD as the link between government and the citizens.


Mr Abdul-Hamid said ISD constituted the strongest group of people who could disseminate government information in the national interest and cautioned that any government that failed to recognize ISD as such would be hit by the reality in a national election.


He explained that it was for this reason that upon assumption of office as Minister, he decided with management of ISD to resume production of the Department's flagship magazine, ‘The Ghana Today Magazine’ to serve as the official mouthpiece of government.


Speaking on the theme: 'Carving a new image for the Information Services Department,' the Minister urged staff of the Department to work together in truth, integrity and honesty, because there was strength in unity.


He admonished management of the Department to avoid greed by sharing the little they had with the staff. "Don’t be greedy, share with all", he added.


In a statement, Ms Elizabeth Efua Essel, Acting Director, ISD, called for collaboration among management in the task of carving a new image for the Department.


Ms Essel commended the Minister for Information for the renovation works at the Head Office and for making the environment conducive for work.


She disclosed that officers in the Department who were due for promotion would, for the first time, undergo the scheme of service training without paying any fee, adding that better days were ahead.


Mr Divine Kwapong, a retired Director of the Department, decried the situation where the Minister for Information moderated the Presidential press encounter.


In his view, that role was below the status of the Minister and suggested that future encounters be moderated by the head of media liaison at the Presidency.


Source: ISD (Doris Sodjah)


Photo: ISD (Charles T. Adamnor)