Health Minister inaugurates committee of National Medicines Policy

The Minister for Health, Alex Sebgefia, has inaugurated a 15 member steering committee for the third edition of the National Medicines Policy, to monitor and ensure the implementation of the national medicines policy 2015 in Accra today.

The National Medicines Policy, according to him, is the policy instrument of the Ministry of Health that governs the Pharmaceutical Sector to ensure sustainable access to medicines for all persons living in Ghana.


He said this National Medicine Policy was a revision of the second edition which was informed by issues that included; the need to strengthen pharmaceutical systems to meet the ever-changing health needs of the population, the need for sustainable strategies towards universal health coverage as well as the need to develop and support local pharmaceutical industries.


The Minister said the policy document would provide direction and guidance for the pharmaceutical sector in Ghana both public and private. Thus, all actions in the pharmaceutical sector would be in alignment from this policy to ensure convergence of action and purpose to maximize investment in health for better outcomes.


Mr.Segbefia said the implementation of the second edition was assessed by the World Health Organisation to determine how well the Ministry had done in the pharmaceutical sector and it was noted that, about half of 60 key policy components were on track and one third were at risk.


One of the most important achievements had been the establishment of the National Health Insurance system while the downside showed that the Pharmaceutical Sector was inefficient and costly, mainly due to decentralized procurement with loss of economies of scale and inadequate quality assurance.


The committee has the Deputy Minister for Health Dr. Victor Asare Bampoe as its chairman.


Source: ISD (Edem Agblevor& Philomina Nkasia)