Feb 2013

President John Dramani Mahama last Thursday set our four pillars to anchor the state which is captured under the theme: ‘Advancing the Better Ghana - Opportunities for Growth.’

President Mahama who was delivering the State of the Nation address in Parliament, said his first term as President would focus on delivering on four vital pillars underpinning the national development programme.

Pillar one focuses on Putting People first, which is the thrust of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) social policy and human development programme which revolves around education, healthcare, social security and protection for the vulnerable– women, children, the aged and people with disabilities.

The thematic areas are on quality education, health for all, social protection, youth and sports development and the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA).

Pillar two will be executed based on a strong and resilient economy – on thematic areas of prudently facing the fiscal challenges; adopting corrective measures; partnership with the private sector; accelerating agricultural modernization for job creation and working towards achieving sustainable production of the historic one million tonnes of cocoa.

Other areas under pillar two are using tourism as an instrument for the full realization of the economic potential of culture and creative arts.

Pillar three will focus on expanding infrastructure with the use of information technology to support infrastructure development, urban renewal, land use management and environmental protection, roads and transport sector, revamp and modernize the railway sector, and housing and urban renewal.

The rest are substantial reform to ensure that Ghana move towards economically and socially sustainable mining sector; to ensure reliable, stable and progressively cheap power for economic development in the country and the wider West African region.

Pillar four is based on transparent and accountable governance with the provision of support to the Electoral Commission to carry out its programmes and reforms and strengthen the role of traditional institutions and Parliament.

Ensure effective decentralization in governance and decision-making; implement the Constitutional Review Commission’s report; mainstream the concept of Local Economic Development (LED), pass the Broadcasting Bill, support the National Media Commission, revise the Criminal Offences Act, fight narcotics trafficking and consumption and ensure security.

Government’s foreign policy will continue to be positive neutrality.

Source: GNA