Sep 2013

The caretaker for the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Bukari Moses Mabengba, had emphasized that, the re-opening of the Tamale GHACEM depot, would create job opportunities for the skilled and unskilled labour force of the Northern Region.


On that faithful day, the Honourable Minister said he was happy to say that the re-lunching of the Tamale Ghacem depot was one of the key indicators of the enhancement of the Better Ghana Agenda in the region as the Tamale depot had been closed from 1994, when the prevailing market condition was not favourable to the Ghana Cement Company Limited (GHACEM) in the region.

He appealed to the inhabitants of the region to continue to involve peace in their daily dealings in order to ensure continuous sustainability and restoration of peace in the Northern Region. He also advised the GHACEM retailers and distributors not to deliberately hoard their cement stocks, in order not to create artificial shortages in the market.

In his speech, he addressed the commercial director of Ghacem, Nana Philip Archer and said, the main reason why GHACEM had considered the re-opening of the depot in Tamale branch was to bridge the gap between the consumers needs of the Northern and the Southern sector as well as make the price affordable to the consuming public in the region.

Mr Philip Archer disclosed that, GHACEM had expanded their production units to one million bags of cements in a day in order to meet the corresponding demands of the Ghanaian populace.

He assured the people of the region as well as the general public that his outfit would continue to deliver their optimum best by serving the right needs of the region and the country at large.

On his part, the chief of Lamashegu, Naa Alhaji Zeblim Abdulai used the occasion to commend the authorities of GHACEM for their bold step taken to re-lunch their depot in Tamale.

Source: ISD(Northern Region)