Mar 2014

The Ghana Nurses and Midwives Council (GNMC) yesterday, inducted newly-qualified nurses and midwives in the 2013 Southern Belt, namely Greater Accra, Eastern Region, Cape Coast, Western Region and Volta Region into the membership of the Council.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister for Health, Hon. Sherry Ayittey, said the training of more mid-level health workers such as midwives, nurses, medical assistants and surgical clinicians was very beneficial to many countries facing poor distribution of health workers.

Hon.  Ayittey said such health workers, trained and deployed to out of reach areas, would provide people with good services.

She added that the role of traditional medicine in health care should be given significant boost, following the release of an updated traditional medicine strategy aimed at ensuring that countries in World Health Organisation (WHO) African region used traditional medicine as a viable option to improve people’s health.

"The aim of the updated strategy is to contribute to better health outcomes by optimizing and consolidating the role of traditional medicine in national health systems in African,’’ she said.

The Hon. Minister stated that working hard to improve healthcare was a multi-sectoral management issue and that there was the  need to raise public awareness on key health issues including the control, prevention and management of communicable and non- communicable diseases, patient safety, and heath literacy.

In a statement, the Acting Registrar of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana, Mr Felix Nyante,  said  more qualified nurses and midwives would be available to render quality health care to the people of Ghana .

Mr Nyante urged the inductees to remember the tenets of the professions that they were taught in school.

He said currently, the Council had adopted a traditional slogan ‘’Sankofa’’ which meant ‘’go back and fetch it” and  urged the Nurses and the Midwifery Council to look back to the past so that they might understand how they became what they were and move forward to a better future.

He explained that they had adopted the wise saying as slogan because they knew that nursing and midwifery had a very good practice which seemed to be eroding with time.

Source: ISD (Solomon K.W. Tetteh)