Jun 2014

As part of government measures to sustain and unravel challenges facing the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Pay Salary (SSPP), government is implementing some administrative measures such as enforcement of the Net Recruitment of staff for MDAs and MMDA, with the exception of Education, Health sectors and the Security Services.

Other measures include  the sanitization of the payroll by updating and reconciling employee database as well as possible Double Mechanization of employees is effectively being implemented .

This was made known by the Minister for Finance, Mr Seth Terkper when he answered questions on the floor of Parliament on the sustainability of the Single Spine Salary Policy.


Mr Terkper said at the end of first quarter, about 314,790 government employees have been transferred on the mechanized payroll and the entire 75% across the country have been registered on the E-pay slip system and this has minimized the complaints by employees on salaries.

He noted that the introduction of the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher has helped in ensuring effective and efficient management of the payroll cost.

The Minister stated that the integration of the Payroll System and the GIFMIS is on course and currently a team has been set up to realign Management Unit in the payroll system with the budget to aid integration.

According to him, the first phase of Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) began in November 2013 with nine pilot MDAs and it’s expected to be completed in September 2014.

Mr Terkper said that the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission in collaboration with the Central Management Agencies has developed a performance management instruments which will link performance and productivity.

He said when the system is fully implemented, annual salary increments for public service employees will no longer be automatic but based on annual performance assessment.

Mr Terkper noted that government has put in place a Sub-Committee on the Subvented Agencies to assess and the identify agencies and determine the modalities for weaning them off government subvention.

Source: ISD (Richie Osei Asiedu)